Can Fuel Consumption drop to Zero while Driving or with the Engine Running ?

Zero fuel consuption

Do you ever think that At What Point During Engine Operation is Fuel Consumption Zero ? For drivers, the main expense while driving a car goes to petrol or Gasoline. Moreover, fuel gets costlier every year, and it becomes more painful for your pocket to keep your car or vehicle running.

As a result, drivers are trying to use a number of tricks in order to reduce average gasoline consumption. Today we will discuss when the fuel usage can be reduced to zero while driving. Is this even possible?

When is zero fuel consumption ?

Many drivers do not believe it and others do not believe it at all that fuel consumption can reach zero while driving because they think it is impossible. But I dare to disappoint you.

If you are in speed, then while driving, keep the clutch pressed and let the air car run with its own momentum or use the speed momentum by keeping the gear in neutral. This will result in zero fuel consumption. it can be used in slope

Can fuel consumption drop to zero while driving or with the engine running?

When we move in gear, we don’t see any use of fuel. Simply put, we’re driving downhill, in fourth gear, without pressing the gas pedal or the accelerator – our fuel consumption is zero. But if there is no fuel then how will the engine run?

Let’s understand how it works:

The gearbox acts as a sort of link between the vehicle’s engine and the wheels. We are accustomed to the scenario in which the engine turns the wheels due to the combustion of fuel, but everything can also function the other way around.

Car manufacturers have not considered that it is important not to always keep the fuel supply on, such as in idle mode, when the vehicle is in gear without turning off the engine.

Those of the older generation who still drive carbureted vehicles might disagree. It is important to note that the current can safely disconnect the fuel injectors, resulting in zero fuel consumption.

when in neutral gear ?

When the car is moving in neutral, this is similar to the case when it is just idling, because the wheels and the engine are separated in this situation.

At the moment when the car is in neutral gear, fuel consumption starts to be calculated not in  liters / 100km , but in  liters / per hour . Depending on the brand of the car, it will vary around  0.7-1.5 l / h. The consumption also becomes zero, on this condition the engine does not even make noise.

But, as I hasten to point out, driving in neutral does not appear to be entirely safe, and I will explain why now:

  • first, the car’s stability is greatly diminished because the wheels are not engaged with the engine, which can play a cruel joke on a slippery road.
  • Second, when travelling in neutral gear, the engine may stall, resulting in the power steering being turned off and the brakes disappearing almost immediately.

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