The National Turmeric Board

national turmeric board

The Government of India has established the National Turmeric Board to promote the development and improvement of the turmeric industry in the country.

India seeks to maximize the potential of turmeric as the world’s largest producer, user and exporter, accounting for 75% of the global production of turmeric. The Board, which is chaired by a Chairman appointed by the Central Government, includes representatives from key ministries such as AYUSH, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Commerce and Industry.

Senior leaders from the turmeric producing states of Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are also on the board, as well as members of national and state research institutes, as well as select turmeric producers and exporters.

The Secretary of the Board will be appointed by the Commerce Department. The Board is set to play a key role in promoting the spice sector, which already accounts for over 62% of the global turmeric commerce. With India targeting $1 billion turmeric exports by 2030, the program will benefit both producers and consumers.

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