Nobel Peace Prize for 2023 to Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi

nerges mohmadi

The Royal Swedish Academy has recently awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for 2023 to Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi.

Narges Mohammadi has been recognized for her tireless efforts to fight against the oppression of women in Iran, as well as her broader activism for human rights and freedom.

Narges Mohammadi is a leading voice against the widespread use of capital punishment in his country. Her commitment to women’s rights dates back to her college days, and her actions led to her first prison sentence in 2011 for advocating for detained activists and their families.

While imprisoned, she fearlessly challenged the regime’s systemic use of torture and sexual abuse against political prisoners, especially women. During the Mahsa Amini protests, also known as the Iranian Hijab movement, Ms. Mohammadi demonstrated sympathy for the protesters from behind bars and organized support actions among her fellow prisoners.

Her book, ‘White Torture: Interviews with Iranian Women Prisoners‘, received awards for its reporting at international film festivals and human rights forums.

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