Armageddon reedtail’ (Protosticta armagedonia) in the Western Ghats

Armageddon reedtail

Researchers at MIT-World Peace University have recently discovered a new damselfly species called ‘Armageddon reedtail‘ (Protosticta armagedonia) in the Western Ghats of Kerala.

The name “Armageddon reedtail” was chosen to emphasize the global demise of these insects as a result of habitat degradation and climate change, which is summarized by the term “ecological Armageddon“.

This species thrives in mountain spring habitat under dense canopy, as seen by its dark brown-black body, bright greenish-blue eyes, and the pale blue pattern covering half of its eight abdominal chambers.

Despite its resemblance to dragonflies, the ‘Armageddon Reedtail’ is smaller and looks more delicate. Damselflies, which are typically found near shallow freshwater habitats, fly gracefully with slender bodies and long, webbed wings.

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