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Sri Ramalinga Swamy, a 19th century Tamil poet and member of the “Gnana Siddha” dynasty, made significant contributions in various fields. His approach towards social change was beyond the sentiments of religion, caste and creed, emphasizing the existence of God in every corner of the universe.

HSri Ramalinga Swamy was born in Marudhur village in Tamil Nadu. In 1865, He founded ‘Samarasa Veda Sanmarga Satya Sangam‘ in protest against the Vallar caste system, which was later named ‘Samarasa Shuddha Sanmarga Satya Sangam‘. Notably, in 1867, he established the caste-free food facility ‘Satya Dharma Salai‘ in Vadalur, Tamil Nadu. In January 1872, he founded the ‘Satya Gyan Sabha‘ in Vadalur to demonstrate his devotion to social reform.

Vallar’s teachings focused on the concepts of charity, loving-kindness and divine practice leading to sacred understanding, with an emphasis on living monastic service as the path to liberation.

He believed in the supernatural intelligence possessed by humanity and emphasized on ‘Jiva Karunyam‘ (compassion for the living) as a profound path. Vallar’s deeds, such as killing Narakataka to provide sustenance, demonstrate his passion for teaching the highest Dharma and embracing compassion and wisdom as the path to reach God.

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