What did Jeremy Bentham think about the theory of Natural Rights?

Jeremy Bentham, because of his utilitarian theory, did not believe in the theory of natural rights nor did he accept their existence. There is a touch of capitalism in Bentham’s utilitarianism. While describing natural principles, he has described them as completely stupid and a symbol of high rhetorical stupidity. And in this sense this approach supports the already high status section of the society

Bentham considered the word natural to be a confusing word and hence considered natural law and natural rights to be meaningless nonsense. But this view of Bentham may be correct where equality and egalitarian society is already present. Bentham does not understand positive discrimination in this case, which is a shortcoming of utilitarianism.

But Bentham thinks broadly, despite having this point of view, Bentham also advocates the rights of slaves, universal voting, rights of homosexuals etc.

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