How does a country get membership of WTO?

How a nation or customs zone joins the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is a frequently asked question. Becoming a WTO member is a multi-step procedure.

What are the essential steps in the WTO admission process?

The steps required for the accession process to join the WTO are as follows: Subject to eligibility, any sovereign country, state, or customs territory with full control over trade corporations may apply for accession

To apply, the interested member first establishes an official written document with the WTO. During the working group and negotiations, a working meeting of all WTO member states is convened to review the General Council application and negotiate with partners.

After the approval and ratification stages, a list is signed, and an addendum list marking the specific obligations of the new members is developed and signed. Confirmation of statutory government recognition for domestic statutory shareholders. Any applicant who, thirty days after successful ratification, became a full WTO member.

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