The Composite Water Management Index (CWMI)


The Comprehensive Water Management Index (CWMI) produced by NITI Aayog is an annual assessment tool that provides a holistic review of India’s water sector and management performance across states and union territories (UTs).

The first edition of CWMI, released in June 2018, evaluated states on 28 categories using data from 2015-16 and 2016-17, highlighting the country’s water concerns. In August 2019, its second edition for the financial year 2017–18 was released.

This report, which has been prepared in collaboration with key ministries like Water Resources, Drinking Water and Sanitation, Rural Development and NITI Aayog.

CWMI emerges as a holistic tool, comprising nine themes and 28 different indicators to measure and benchmark the water management performance of different Indian regions.

CWMI addresses important issues such as source enhancement, water source restoration, major and moderate irrigation, watershed development, participatory irrigation practices, sustainable agricultural water use practices, rural and urban water supply, sanitation and policy governance.

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